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Latest version:

Скачать: Dali Renderer 1.0.33 for 3DS MAX 2023
Скачано: 2, размер: 83.6 MB, дата: 05 Ноя. 2022

Скачать: Dali Renderer 1.0.33 for 3DS MAX 2022
Скачано: 2, размер: 83.6 MB, дата: 05 Ноя. 2022

Скачать: Dali Renderer 1.0.33 for 3DS MAX 2021
Скачано: 1, размер: 83.5 MB, дата: 05 Ноя. 2022

Скачать: Dali Renderer 1.0.33 for 3DS MAX 2020
Скачано: 3, размер: 83.5 MB, дата: 05 Ноя. 2022

Скачать: Dali Renderer 1.0.33 for 3DS MAX 2019
Скачано: 1, размер: 83.5 MB, дата: 05 Ноя. 2022

Скачать: Dali Renderer 1.0.33 for 3DS MAX 2018
Скачано: 2, размер: 83.5 MB, дата: 05 Ноя. 2022

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Changed and fixed in 1.0.33:

  • Rendering may be paused at finish to apply tonemap.
  • Fixed bug in SSS for non-metric scene units.
  • Fixed lense shift calculations for perspective camera.
  • Fixed anamorphic calculations for all cameras.
  • Fixed kaiser and blackman kernels.
  • Fixed outline sampling for kernel size greater than 1.
  • Fixed crash in spectral materials for NAN input.
  • Fixed evaluation of emiters inside the volumes

Changed and fixed in 1.0.32:

  • New standalone renderer.
  • Fixed several crashes and bugs.

Changed and fixed in 1.0.31:

  • Added Cryptomatte support.
  • Fixed bug when Multiscatter not rendered.
  • Fixed bug with anisotropic phase function in volumetric medium.
  • Fixed bug with clipping planes for perspective camera.
  • Fixed several crashes.

Changed and fixed in 1.0.30:

  • Improved REDS algorithm for directly visible volumetric caustics.
  • Improved temporal stability of volumetric caustics.
  • Improved rendering speed of volumetric caustics.
  • Volumetric caustics are now possible with hetero volumes also.
  • Fixed several crashes and bugs.

Changed and fixed in 1.0.29:

  • Improved sampling of Physical material in GI2AA mode
  • Improved REDS algorithm for more robust and uniform sampling.
  • Fixed bug when Intel Denoise was not applied on preview.
  • Fixed several crashes and bugs


Changed and fixed in 1.0.28:

  • Added feature to ignore directly visible emitters through the reflecting or transmitting dielectrics.
  • Fixed bug when tone operator was not applied on preview.
  • Fixed crash if caustics used with importance greater than 1.


Changed and fixed in 1.0.27:

  • Added support for 3DS Max 2023.
  • Improved sampling of Sun&Sky models - both 3DS Max and Dali.
  • Improved sampling of Ideal Dielectric in GI2AA mode.
  • Improved sampling of Ideal Dielectric in spectral mode.
  • Global GI2AA improvement.
  • Improved scene preprocess speed.
  • Fixed bug with ignoring displacement for some submaterials in Multi-Mat material.
  • Fixed poor emitter sampling with bump map.

Changed and fixed in 1.0.26:

  • New metropolis-like extension for REDS algorithm for both local and Sun&Sky emitters.
  • Updated anti-firefly feature.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • LICENSE check disabled until the September 2022


Changed and fixed in 1.0.25:

  • Plugin lifetime extended


Changed and fixed in 1.0.24:

  • Fixed slow emissive volume rendering in spectral mode
  • Fixed rare crash in Material Editor
  • Fixed bug with glow for textured Dali Sun


Changed and fixed in 1.0.23:

  • Fixed bug with simple particles
  • Fixed licensing issues


Changed and fixed in 1.0.22:

  • Fixed bug in Sun&Sky emitter
  • Improved sky sampling in Sun&Sky emitter


Changed and fixed in 1.0.21:

  • Release version for production.


Changed and fixed in 0.9.20:

  • Removed debugging code for Dali Sun texture map
  • Fixed bug in Dali Physical material

Changed and fixed in 0.9.19:

  • Added Dali Sun texture map.
  • Improved caustics for Sun & Sky emitter.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.18:

  • Fixed rare crash in preview when both Path Guiding and Tone Operator are enabled.
  • Fixed regression with noisy 100% Sun & Sky emitter for GI.
  • Improved sampling of Sun & Sky emitter.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.17:

  • Added feature to use arbitrary texture map graph for environment lighting. Any number of HDR textures or Sun & Sky emitters can be used.
  • Any number of HDR textures or Sun & Sky emitters can be used with environment portals also.
  • Fixed cutout property sampling when used in Path Guiding mode.
  • Minor bug fixes

Changed and fixed in 0.9.16:

  • Fixed bug in Dali Normal map
  • Added Dali UVWset map
  • Added Dali ReTile map

Changed and fixed in 0.9.15:

  • Fixed bugs in Dali Physical material.
  • Fixed bug in Dali Normal map.
  • Fixed bug in Dali Noise map
  • Added UDIM support for bitmaps.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.14:

  • New Dali MIE material for spectral effects like rainbow to use with spherical particles.
  • New debugging features - Material and Texmap replacement, render without bitmaps.
  • Improved preprocess speed for Forest Pack.
  • Bug fixes.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.13:

  • Fixed bug with SSS in Spectral mode.
  • Improved creation of BSP trees - rare very long paths will not break rendering.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.12:

  • Fixed mathematics behind the retro-reflection.
  • Thin Film lobe added to Dali Physical material.
  • Fixed SSS calculations on the exit side of volume.
  • Fixed regression with volumetric caustics.
  • Added sharp caustic switch to REDS algorithm settings.
  • Added feature to adjust motion blur settings of objects separately.
  • Fixed bug with deep chains of complex materials.
  • Fixed regression(crash) when using tyFlow.
  • Fixed slow ForestPack preprocess of scene.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.11:

  • Thin Film material
  • Fixed noise with large sun (1000%) for SunSky model
  • Bug fixes

Changed and fixed in 0.9.10:

  • Improved color decomposition system for spectral rendering.
  • Added Falloff texture map.
  • Added Spherical Particles object modifier to use with tyFlow and Particle Flow.
  • Improved preprocess for spherical particles, tyFlow  and Particle Flow.
  • Fixed alpha channel in AOV system.
  • Spectral Splines in materials are more friendly now.
  • Fixed several bugs.


Changed and fixed in 0.9.9:

  • Regression with faked shadow rays.
  • Rendering preview of OSL material is very slow in Material Editor.
  • GUI in Material Editor flashes during switch to Dali Physical material.
  • Rendering of slots in Material Editor is very slow.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.8:

  • Fixed bump-map calculations.
  • Added Dali NormalMap texture map.
  • Added "glossy" checkbox to Dali Physical material.
  • Minor change in Dali Physical material: removed duplicated bump settings.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.7:

  • Fixed crash in situation if 3ds max has many external file paths defined. The limit for 2048 characters was removed.
  • Added Dali Displace object-state modifier.
  • Scale factor for bump mapping is 100 times larger now.

Changed and fixed in 0.9.6:

  • Added AO (Ambient Occlusion) texture map
  • Added Wireframe texture map

Changed and fixed in 0.9.5:

  • Added ToneMapper
  • Added Ray Switch material and texture
  • Fixed support for older versions of Forest Pack

Changed and fixed in 0.9.4:

  • Poor reflection quality with Path Guiding (PG)
  • SSS+PG, Translucency+PG poor sampling

Changed and fixed in 0.9.3:

  • Slate Material editor cannot update GUI
  • Gamma/color profile bug – usage of cached internal 3ds max scene textures denied
  • Improved sampling of spots in volumetrics

Changed and fixed in 0.9.2:

  • Added support for Light shape visible in renderer (not in volumetrics)
  • Fixed diffuse shape for point light
  • Fixed spherical shape for disc light
  • Crashes in Material Editor, Renderer cannot start

Archived versions: